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OpenDEL? has previously been released by HitGen as a self-serve product in 2015 (https://www.nature.com/articles/d43747-020-00040-4). After several years of evolution, it now contains small molecule DELs with high diversity and drug-like space and helps to increase the possibility of finding potential hits in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 


What are included in OpenDEL??

OpenDEL? contains DEL libraries for affinity selection and other materials necessary for DEL selections, including PCR forward primer (Primer F), PCR reverse primer (Primer R), qPCR standard curve sample, Salmon sperm DNA (ssDNA) and empty tubes. Standard selection protocol is provided in the manual.

How does OpenDEL? work?

  • Target selection

Researchers will determine the details of the affinity selection protocol, using their deep knowledge of their targets. HitGen provides the basic screening protocol, DEL information (reagents and codon information) and free consultation services.

  • Hit generation

The post-selection samples can be decoded by HitGen or user. If the sequencing data is generated at HitGen, raw mapping data with feature intensity will be provided to user.

  • Hit validation

The proposed potential hits through data analysis could be re-synthesized on-DNA for further confirmation of the binding ligands or off-DNA for activity validation via appropriate biochemical, biophysical or cellular assays.


The advantages of OpenDEL?

  • Transparent: All DEL information (reagents and codons) is open to clients

  • Knowledge-sharing: Technical supports on self-service selection, sequencing and analysis

  • Reliable: Decent compound diversity with robust chemistry and strict library QC

  • Affordable: An affordable product that is easily accessible

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