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DNA-encoded library technology has attracted more and more interests from both academia and industry in drug discovery due to its great potentiality in providing useful chemical starting points for medicinal chemistry. 

In terms of DEL technology, the first issue that comes to our mind is how to get a DEL containing structures with novelty, diversity and druglikeness. Although it has been widely acknowledged that DELs come from the merger of DNA encoding and combinatorial chemistry, where the most popular method to build a DEL is the “split & pool” process, there are still several factors impeding most researchers from achieving DELs. These include the limited number and diversity of the building blocks or scaffolds used for the DEL construction, narrow range of chemistry compatible with DNA, lack of an efficient quality control method in the whole process of DEL construction, as well as quality inconsistency of raw material for both biological and chemical reactions.

To lower the barrier of entry for DNA-encoded library chemistry and to facilitate the applications of DELT, DELEZ?, a DNA encoded library synthesis package is now available from HitGen. DELEZ? is a supplementary product to typical DEL services and gives researchers an affordable and efficient solution to access DEL technology with HitGen's expertise on DNA-encoded library synthesis.

DELEZ? enables researchers to develop their own chemistry for DELs and to assemble their own DELs based on their own expertise, experience in medicinal chemistry with the tried and tested supporting techniques, tools and resources in a timely and cost-effective manner. Having DELs containing desired structures ready, researchers can select potential ligands against biological targets with pharmaceutical interest.


Through the DELEZ? service package, HitGen will provide tailored toolkits according to our in-house developed techniques, resources (Oligonucleotide synthesis platform, protein manufacturing platform and organic synthesis platform) and experience accumulated over many years to meet specific needs, and a detailed instruction manual for those entering this field recently.


The advantages of DELEZTM

  • Scalability: flexible split number and reaction scale based on the diversity and large stock of codon and building blocks

  • High quality: strict quality control system and practical application promise the consistency and stability of the product

  • Time-saving: comprehensive instruction and technical support effectively avoid unnecessary experimental exploration

  • Cost-effectiveness: one-stop service of raw material saves purchasing cost and time

Product features:

  • Flexible package to meet different needs

  • Minimized input and fast production cycle

  • Detailed procedures that are easy to follow and accessible to most labs

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