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Oligonucleotide Chemistry

As an open and integrated platform with technology and talent advantage, HitGen's oligonucleotide synthesis platform is committed to providing high quality services to different customers and markets, facilitating the development of nucleic acid drugs. 

  • HitGen has professional nucleotides modification and oligonucleotide synthesis team

  • Equipped with large-scale and high throughput DNA synthesizer and related equipment

  • Scale from microgram to hectogram can meet the research demand at different stages

  • Chromatographic column with various specification could promise quick and efficient development of oligonucleotide purification method

  • The strict quality control system, including high-throughput NGS, advanced UPLC-MS analysis, real-time qPCR system, could ensure the high quality of products

  • With in-stock nucleotides or modified nucleotides, HitGen could deliver modified oligos in a timely manner


Synthesis, purification and characterization system

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