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  • 20-01 December 2023
    BSBE Guest Seminar丨Dr. Dengfeng DOU from HitGen Inc.
  • 13-01 October 2023
    “Evolving DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) technology to meet drug discovery needs” webinar offered by HitGen and Endpoints News coming up on Friday 20th October
  • 03-01 November 2022
    See you in Shanghai! HitGen Pharmaceuticals Inc. to attend the 5th China International Import Expo
    The 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from on November 5-10, 2022.
  • 12-01 January 2022
    Meet you in JPM 2022
    The 40th Annual Health Care Conference will take place virtually on January 10-13, 2022.
  • 11-01 January 2022
    Meet us in BIOTECH SHOWCASE?2022 in virtual!
    The BIOTECH SHOWCASE? Conference (BIO Showcase) will be held on January 10-12 and 17-19, 2022.
  • 30-30 June 2021
    Webinar: Advancing Innovative Drug Discovery by DNA Encoded Library (DEL) and FBDD/SBDD methods
  • 10-18 June 2021
    BIO International Digital Convention 2021
    For 2021, the BIO International Digital Convention (BIO Digital) will be held virtually as BIO Digital, June 10-11 & 14-18.
  • 09-21 June 2021
    BIO KOREA 2021
    ?Please join us in Bio Korea on 9-21 June, 2021. Here we would like to share and discuss how to utilize HitGen’s cutting-edge technologies – DEL/FBDD/SBDD and the research capabilities to enable accelerated innovative drug discovery research and collaboration.
  • 18-20 May 2021
    Drug Discovery Chemistry
    Please join us in Drug Discovery Chemistry webinar on 18-20 May, 2021.
  • 10-14 May 2021
    Meet us in ChinaBio?! We are looking forward to meeting potential partners virtually at the upcoming ChinaBio partnering forum, which will be held during 10–14 May, 2 days in-person. 3 days virtually. HitGen team would love to chat with you.

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