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Project Management

The project management (PM) team provide a full service of management from target identification, DEL screening and lead optimization, thorough to PCC nomination, IND program design, study execution and submission. We will sincerely provide professional information and consultation during the initial project discussion with our Business Development team, and take over all management and communication work when entering into a contract.

Our experienced team will help you design programs based on unmet clinical needs and maximized profit to accelerate your desired drug into market. We provide service with high quality to ensure standard with global regulatory compliance. Together with our talented research team, we will establish project timelines for initiation and completion of required studies and help track the progress of your ongoing activities. We also coordinate with technical groups and scientific experts to help resolve any issues that may occur during ongoing studies. Along with the regulatory affairs group, the PMs will help you prepare the dossier and design your submission plan.

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