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Protein Science

HitGen’s protein science team expertise includes detailed target know-how in various target classes, gene construct design for a variety of available expression systems, various novel target proteins and multi-protein complex assembly, as well as refolding and purification skills. We focus on novel protein targets and customized Gene-to-Protein projects, whether for crystallization purposes, screening, assay development or general drug discovery research.

We produce proteins according to projects’ need and/or our clients’ specifications, starting from a gene construct designed for their purpose, with multiple tag variations and functional labelling (e.g. biotinylation), as well as defined post-translational modifications.

In line with the research and development boom and demand of targeted protein degradation technology, we focus on the production of E3 ubiquitin ligases, the hot spot required by the TPD platform. At present, dozens of high quality E3 subfamily substrate recognition proteins and their complex proteins have been obtained. (See the E3 product information listed below. HGE3.pdfnon-E3.pdf)



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