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Hit Identification

HitGen provides following approaches for hit identification: DNA-encoded library screening, fragment-based drug discovery, virtual screening, nucleic acid related chemistry and analytical chemistry

HitGen featured DEL screening is a fast-growing and mature technology with many advantages over traditional approaches: 

  • easily accessing trillions of physically existing compounds

  • saving in protein/target consumption

  • short duration in hit identification and validation

  • more cost effective

HitGen has extensive experience in DEL screening by serving many pharma, biotech companies and academic groups. The applications of DEL screening expand from hit identification to hit optimization, protein degrader discovery/optimization and more.

Fragment-based drug discovery is powered by Vernalis (A HitGen Company) with more than 30 years' experience. Vernalis integrates fragment-based approaches, structural biology, biophysics, assay technology and molecular modelling with extensive synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry expertise to enable drug discovery on both established and novel targets. This requires a deep understanding of the techniques involved and a cautious interpretation of data; an approach grounded on two decades of developing and applying fragment-based lead discovery to challenging targets.

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