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Analytical Chemistry

Our dedicated and experienced team provides analytical services below.

Separation and purification:

  • Chiral analysis and separation with SFC

  • Milligram scale of chiral separation

  • Purification of desired small molecules

  • Purification of nucleosides, nucleotides and nucleic acids

  • Purification of conjugates (DEL products, ADC, AOC)

  • High-throughput purification for parallel synthesis

Determination of contents:

  • Purity determination with HPLC, UPLC, LC-MS, SFC or NMR

  • Residual solvent determination 

  • Heavy metal determination

  • Water content determination

Impurity isolation and identification:

  • Isolation and purification of impurity with contents from 0.1%-20% in starting materials, intermediates, and APIs 

  • Structural elucidation of impurities with 1D and 2D-NMR, LC-MS, UV, and FT-IR

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