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In Vitro Pharmacology

The in vitro pharmacology team have expertise across a variety of therapeutic areas, target types, assay formats and instrument, can offer services from target validation to screening compound with all kinds of biochemistry assays, biophysical assays, and cellular assays.

 Target types

  • Kinase

  • Phosphatases

  • Proteases

  • Ubiquitin Enzymes

  • Epigenetic Enzymes 

  • GPCRs

  • Nuclear receptors

  • Cytokine Receptors

  • Growth Factor Receptors

  • Epigenetic Proteins

Assay types

Biophysical assays

  • Surface plasmon resonance (SPR ): Biacore T200 & 8k

  • Thermal shift assay (TSA)

  • Isothermal titration calorimetry ( ITC)

  • Biolayer interferometry (BLI)

  • Temperature related intensity change (TRIC)

Biochemistry assays

  • Light absorbance 

  • Luminescence

  • Fluorescence intensity 

  • HTRF and TR-FRE

  • Fluorescence polarization


  • Alphascreen and AlphaLISA

Cellular assays

  • Cell viability, cell apoptosis, cell proliferation, cell cycle and cell death

  • Cell migration assay

  • Cell invasion assay

  • Cellular uptake assay

  • Cell co-culture assay

  • Intracellular signaling: calcium flux, reporter gene assay

  • Protein expression: Western blotting , immunostaining, immunofluorescence, HTRF

  • Gene knockdown by siRNA

  • Gene knockout by CRISPR/Cas9

  • Stable cell line generation

  • FACS and high content imagine system


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